Thaiba Public School

Ranbahiar, Jharkhand

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Welcome to Thaiba Public School, Samri, Godda – a beacon of educational excellence. Aligned with the CBSE curriculum, we provide a robust foundation for academic achievement and holistic development. Our dedicated faculty, modern facilities, and commitment to values ensure a nurturing environment for your child's growth. At Thaiba, we go beyond textbooks, fostering creativity, critical thinking, and character building. Join our community for a well-rounded education that prepares students for success in the dynamic global landscape. Together, let's shape futures, instill values, and inspire greatness at Thaiba Public School



Welcome to Thaiba Public School, Ranbahir, Godda, under Kerala management. Nestled in the serene Mahagama region of Jharkhand, our school opens its doors for admissions from LKG to STD 5. Aligned with the CBSE curriculum, we offer a comprehensive educational experience. Our well-equipped facilities include hostels (STD 2 to STD 5), a vast library, vehicle services, digital classrooms, and a modern computer lab. With a commitment to holistic development and interactive learning, our experienced faculty ensures character building alongside academic excellence. The admission process is transparent and merit-based, welcoming learners from diverse backgrounds to join our inclusive community. Shape your child's future with Thaiba Public School.


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Thaiba Public School
Ranbahiar, Mahagama
Jharkhand - 814155
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